Antigen + Antibody Card Test

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Oscar Dengue Ag+ Ab test is a rapid card test based upon lateral flow immuno assay for the qualitative and differential detection of NS-1 antigen and IgM / IgG antibodies to Dengue virus in human serum / plasma. Test device has dual strip system. The test strip for NS-1 test contains monoclonal antibodies as test line protein and colloidal gold is conjugated with monoclonal antibody to dengue virus. The test strip of IgM/IgG test is immobilized with anti human IgG, anti human IgG and control line protein and colloidal gold conjugate contains recombinant protein of Dengue. Oscar Dengue Ag + Ab test is available in 10T pack. Each pack contains individually pouched test devices, sample droppers, buffer vial and product insert etc. It has shelf life of 24 months from date of manufacturing if stored at 2-30⁰ C under sealed conditions. Each kit is provided in 10 test pack.