Malaria Antigen test : Pf

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Oscar Malaria Antigen (Pf) Card test intended used for qualitative detection of Pf (Plasmodium falciparum) in whole blood as in aid of Malaria diagnosis. This test can be used only for HRP-II specific diagnosis of Pf. It is for in-vitro diagnostic use only. The test is based upon immuno-chromatographic principle. Pf specific monoclonal antibodies against HRP-II have been used in the test formulation to make it highly sensitive and specific. Whole blood collected from vein puncture or finger pricked can be used for testing. Assay buffer is required along with whole blood for performing the test. Oscar Malaria Antigen (Pf) Card test has shelf life of 24 months from date of manufacturing if stored at 2-30°C under sealed condition. Each kit of Oscar Malaria Antigen (Pf) Card contains 40 pieces of individually sealed pouches containing test cards, buffer vials and disposable sample droppers. Test can be performed using 5µl of whole blood followed by 2-3 drops of assay buffer and result can be read within 5-20 minutes.